About Steven

This Nashville-based singer-songwriter has a simple but key message: you’re not alone in this world so look up, get outside, and start living. In 2016, Steven quit his life as a middle school literature teacher in Saint Louis, packed his bags, sold his house, and moved to Music City.

Steven has come to Nashville with plenty to say. He weaves rich soundscapes of music while telling stories of human connection with a witty and warm eye. Influenced by a childhood raised on classic rock and a love for singer-songwriters with a soulful and passionate edge like Martin Sexton and Ray LaMontagne, Steven’s blues-pop songs are simple, but gritty. The ten tracks in his self-titled album, produced in 2015 by David Beeman at Native Sound Studios out of St Louis, channel Steven’s intimate vocals through stories of eclectic encounters, past relationships, and the life he lived during his eight years of teaching in St. Louis. At each song’s core are his reactions to the ever-changing world we live in and the fight to remain optimistic and hopeful in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Says Mike Penard of SA Radio, France, “Steven J Push…a very good discovery …the kind of newcomer who gives you the feeling you are lucky to know a little earlier than the others …some infectious melodies and very good musical arrangements ..the kind of melodies you need to hum while listening”